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Scoundrel Society (2015)

The season is once again upon us: the time of the year when the carefree wealthy flee from their oh-so-trying lives to idyllic retreats both close and far—and when the Culture welcomes us to their nights, derbys, and day-to-day activities to play our annual game. The mark of this year has been carefully picked, and Constable Cramphorn is hot on our trail. And did I mention that you were supposed to watch your back? After all, cheating from a member of the Society is almost as amusing as fleecing the target. So, do you have the lightest fingers, the best patter, and the most disarming grin… or is this the year you get nicked?

Scoundrel Society Cover Artwork


Scoundrel Society  is the first Small Box/Big Fun game from Action Process Games where players take on the part of a member of The Society, a gathering of notable con artists who come together once a year to show off their craft by showing who can rob the most loot from the target without being captured.



Loot is lifted off the mark by playing one of the five action cards, each of which work well when played on their own. But be careful: while several pieces of loot have special abilities that can influence the game, each has a dubious value. So when the Constable Cramphorn is revealed from the last ten cards of the loot deck, the player with the highest alleged score is apprehended, leaving the others to compare the worth of their ill-gotten winnings to decide who is the most filthy and rotten of the Scoundrel Society.