Truck Simulator Games : Getting the Feel of Driving and Managing Big Trucks

Truck simulator video games are quite popular to audiences drawn by the appeal of virtually driving and exploring impressive distances to deliver cargo. It started with the Euro Truck Simulator, a trucking sim game that gave players the feel of driving across Europe with different choices of trucks that came with customisable features.

This was followed by Euro Truck Simulator 2, which enhanced the appeal of trucking sim games by incorporating the business aspects of trucking. ETS 2 strikes a good balance of getting things done through planning, rather than go through the monotony of driving around aimlessly for hours.

There is actually a great number of people who are into playing trucking video games because they enjoy pretending to drive a real truck, maneuvering difficult turns, whilst following road signals, speed limits and all the rules. Even if there are no dire consequences for speeding and hitting objects, not being able to drive with the skill of a professional driver can be discouraging; especially for those who have plans of applying for a Commercial Driver License (CDL).

About Euro Truck Simulator 2 Video Game

Created by SCS Software, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is considered as one of the most convincing trucking video games in the market. Primarily because it has a highly engaging Role Playing Game (RPG) mechanics, management systems and near realistic physics of handling a weighty 3500kg transport equipment worth EUD250000.

Touted as the predecessor to the American Truck Simulator (ATS) but with a less polished set of features, this trucking simulator game was later overhauled into becoming the first highly convincing simulation game of sitting behind a big truck customized and configured the way a player wants it to be. Yet of course, one needs to earn from the long trips in order to have in-game money to pay for customisations.

About the American Trucking Simulator

The American Trucking Simulator takes the Euro Trucking Simulator 2 driving experience to long trips of hauling and transporting cargo along the Pacific Northwest.

A lot of the physics, mechanics and pacing of ATS are quite similar to Euro Truck Simulator 2, but all taking place in a different setting. Truckers coast through desert highways of Califotnia, Arizona and Nevada. They also enjoy the challenges of driving a big truck through narrow streets and bright lights of major cities.

Similar to the ETS 2, players have to take on hauling jobs so they can buy their own rig and run their own trucking business. Once a business kicks off, the sim elements will include managing everything, from getting the right insurance, to buying fuel.

In real life, running a trucking business doesn’t always have to deal with hauling and transporting cargo. Some customers simply need big truck towing services to have their vehicle towed safely where it can be repaired. Anyway motorists using the search phrase “truck towing near me” also make it a point to read reviews and feedback to avoid tow truck predators operating around the area.